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Sanmen Phase II and Haiyang Phase II Nuclear Power Engineering Electrical Control Cabinet Project 筆記

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On April 20, 2023, the kick-off meeting for the electrical control cabinet projects of Sanmen Phase II and Haiyang Phase II nuclear power projects was held in Kopni. Leaders and experts from Haiyang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., Sanmen Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, Xi'an Shanchai Heavy Industry Nuclear Emergency Equipment Co., Ltd., and the 71st Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Corporation attended the meeting and provided guidance on related work. Vice General Manager Copney led the relevant personnel of the technical department to welcome the arrival of the guests.

The meeting revolved around the issue of pre construction prerequisites, and experts proposed specific requirements for personnel qualifications, production and testing equipment, design documents, operating procedures, on-site environment, quality assurance system outline, project related management procedures, closure of past legacy issues, and implementation of experience feedback. Vice General Manager Ni Fangzhong, on behalf of Copney Corporation, expresses to the expert leaders that the nuclear power project is currently the core of Copney Corporation's efforts to enhance its core competitiveness. All Copney employees will definitely complete the task on time with quality and quantity guaranteed!

After the meeting, the expert team, led by Deputy General Manager Ni Fangzhong, visited the automation workshop, sheet metal workshop, raw material warehouse, assembly and wiring area, and inspection area. They carried out acceptance checks one by one according to the pre construction checklist, and evaluated the commencement conditions for the eight backup unit nuclear control cabinet projects undertaken by Copernicus, laying the foundation for the smooth delivery of products and contributing to the development of China's nuclear industry to the best of their ability.

Sanmen Nuclear Power is located in Sanmen County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is planned to build six million kilowatt nuclear power units in three phases. The first phase of the project, Units 1 and 2, were put into commercial operation in 2018 and have generated a total of 78 billion kilowatt hours of electricity so far. The second phase of the project includes two units, Unit 3 and Unit 4. Unit 3 started construction in June last year, and with the addition of Unit 4, which started construction on March 22 this year, the second phase of the project has fully entered the construction phase. After the completion of the third phase of the project, the total installed capacity of Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant will exceed 5 million kilowatts, providing clean electricity of over 40 billion kilowatt hours per year, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 30 million tons per year.

Sanmen Nuclear Power Unit 4 is the first nuclear power unit in China to start construction this year, and after completion, the annual power generation of a single unit can reach 10 billion kilowatt hours. Its rated capacity is 1.25 million kilowatts, with a designed operating life of 60 years and a construction period of 56 months. The equipment is supplied by more than 10 state-owned enterprises and more than 40 private enterprises, and the localization of equipment design and manufacturing will be further increased. After the completion of the unit, it will strongly support the energy supply in Zhejiang Province and East China, and contribute to the achievement of China's "dual carbon" goals.